Frequently Asked Questions

Where are The Marvel Experience tour dates?
New tour dates will be announced in the coming months.

What is the running time of TMX?
The average time of TMX from entry to exit is approximately 2 – 3 hrs. Expect to spend a bit longer during peak hours on the weekends.

What if I miss my entry time, can I still get in?
At this time, we can not guarantee entry other than your ticketed entry time. If you arrive earlier or later than your time slot, and we are at
capacity, you may have to wait till the next available entry time for you and your party to enter.

Are there Heroes walking around in costume?
Our Super Heroes and Villains are digitally projected in 2-D, 360-degree, 3-D stereoscopic projection, and motion ride environments.
We’ve worked with some of Hollywood’s top animators to bring these characters to life in Hyper-Real style.

Which characters will be featured at TMX?
More than 20+ Marvel characters will be featured, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Spider-Man, among others.

What is there to do at TMX?
Join forces with Marvel’s mightiest Heroes on a mission to save the planet! Your journey will take you through an indoor domed
experience as you fight along side Marvel’s mightiest heroes. Be amazed by a standing 360-degree, 3-D stereoscopic projection Dome,
blast off in a state-of-the-art motion ride, enjoy augmented and virtual reality, multi-person gaming and simulations, interactive touch
screens, motion comics, multiple themed cafés, a megastore and more.

Is TMX appropriate for young children?
It’s for fans of all ages and we have developed the tour with both kids and adults in mind. Our content contains intense, action-oriented
entertainment, a thrilling motion ride with mild animated violence, and younger children might find some scenes in the 3D projection dome
and motion ride scary. Parental guidance is strongly suggested. No strollers will be allowed inside.

What are the height or age requirements for TMX?
For some elements like the Motion Ride and Holo-Blaster Training Simulator, guests must be at least 40” (102 cm) tall. For the Spider-Man
Climbing Wall, guests must be at least 40 lbs. Children 40-48” (102-122 cm) must be accompanied by a Supervising Companion (14 years
or older). In the Motion Ride theater, we will have a limited number of stationary seats available for those who do not meet the
requirements. No lap seating is allowed. Only 1 person per seat please. There are no height or age requirements to walk through and
explore the other interactive elements.

Are there any other restrictions for the Motion Ride?
This ride experience may not be appropriate for people who may be pregnant, have heart conditions, are elderly or have back, head, neck
or leg conditions or other physical limitations or who may be mentally sensitive, or may have reactions to scents or fog effects. The
equipment can aggravate existing medical conditions or cause riders to suffer a loss of equilibrium or balance, headaches or dizziness.
You should not use this ride experience if you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, allergies, neck or back injuries, or epilepsy.

Does TMX accommodate guests with disabilities?
TMX prides itself on providing complete and convenient access for all of our guests, including those with disabilities. The structures are
designed to comfortably accommodate guests in wheelchairs and those with other assistive devices.

Do you have show times for the deaf?
TMX will provide interpreters for certain show times. Please contact us for more info on
accommodations for those with hearing disabilities.

Can I come back if I exit or leave TMX?
There are no in and out privileges at this time. (Except for VIP ticket holders)

What should I wear?
The Experience is mostly a walking and standing adventure. With that in mind, please wear comfortable clothes and shoes as we want
your time with us to be as fun and enjoyable as can be.

Can I wear my Spider-Man costume?
While we welcome guests to come dressed as their favorite Marvel Super Hero or Villain, please use your discretion. The experience
features gesture technology, touch screens, and other active elements. Your enjoyment may be impacted by certain costumes. No
functional weapons are allowed at TMX. Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to approval by
security and compliance with our tour policies.

Can I bring a camera inside?
Cameras are welcome! But flash photography is prohibited due to the nature of our full projection domes and lighting.

Will there be vendors? If so, what will they be selling?
The Marvel Experience will have several show-specific food, beverage, and merchandise vendors available. Outside vendors are not
permitted to sell their products at TMX.

Do you have a mobile app?
The mobile app is available for iOS and on Android devices.

When will you be announcing more cities?
We will be announcing additional tour stops in the coming weeks and months.

Can I suggest a city?
Of course you can! Post your suggested city to our Facebook page. The more suggestions we get, the better!


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